Classes Offered

Programs that Newhouse Health Solutions provides:

Answering the Thyroid Epidemic-We are in the middle of an epidemic of thyroid disorders in America leaving millions looking for answers to their health issues.  Come learn easy strategies on how one can get a handle on their metabolic issues once and for all and find real solutions for the New You!!!

Unraveling the Mystery of Weight Loss-   Are you tired of the diet yo-yo? Can’t understand why you can’t lose weight?  Learn what hormone is keeping you from burning fat and how one simple nutritional change can help you shed pounds fast.  This revolutionary nutritional program will help you decrease body fat, reduce cravings, and have more energy than ever before.

Unlocking the Secrets of Nutrition- Confused about what is nutritious and healthy? Are you suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic pain, digestive problems or any other chronic physical condition?  Then this class is for you! Let us help you take the guess work out of shopping, cooking and eating.  Come and learn the essentials of nutrition to find “The New You.”

Good, Better, Best -   What’s “GOOD” to eat? Why is one food “BETTER” than another? And what are the “BEST” foods to eat for my overall wellbeing? This class is designed to take the guess work out of food shopping and deciphering food labels in the grocery store aisles.  You will learn important ingredients to look for on a food label to make sure you are making the BEST choices for you and your family.

Rev Up Your Metabolism - Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss goals?  Learn how to get the most out of your workout with this cutting edge exercise information to help you change the shape of your body and improve your health in only 12 minutes a week!

Recipe Class-   Healthy food has to taste bad, right? Absolutely not!  If you truly want nourishing meals and need some fresh ideas, this is an event for you.  Learn how to prepare delicious food for the whole family that will allow you to reach your weight loss goals and make everyone happy and satisfied.   

Heart Disease Prevention- Have you ever wondered why your body makes cholesterol all on its own if it’s “bad” for you? Why do many cholesterol drug ads state “not proven to decrease your risk of heart disease or heart attack?” Learn the truth about heart disease prevention and natural solutions to find “The New You.”

Healthonomics:  The Worth of Wellbeing- Financially do you feel like you are at the end of your rope?  Is your health and wellbeing suffering because there is no time to truly take care of you with all of the stress piling up?  Discover three ways you can improve your physical and financial health even in volatile economic climate.

What’s in your cabinets? - Did you know that the cleaning products you are using, food that you are eating and skin products you are using could be causing your illness or contributing to cancer and other deadly conditions?  Did you ever wonder why something says, “Keep out of reach of children and pets?”  Most times children and pets are not the only ones that should stay away from these disease causing products.  Learn about the hidden dangers that are lurking in your cabinets from your cleaning supplies to skin care products, which may be preventing you from reaching your health and weight loss goals.

Auto Safety Class- Every year automobile accidents continue to be a major cause of death and injury. Come and learn easy to implement strategies on how you can protect yourself and your family in the event of an auto accident, and also learn steps you can take after an accident to make sure your injuries don't become permanent.

Anti-Aging Strategies- The science of Anti-Aging is booming!! Come learn easy to implement strategies on how to keep the youthful vigor well into retirement, or regain that youthful vigor if you have lost it.

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