This Month's Success Story

Jennifer initially heard about NHS through close family friends and patients of Dr. Patrick Newhouse. She was told what Dr. Patrick did really worked! Jennifer had previously consulted her primary care physician for her pain, loss of function, and decreasing muscle mass in her arm; to avoid surgery Jennifer sought the advice of Dr. Patrick. After a thorough evaluation and specific upper cervical x-rays Jennifer received her first adjustment. Jennifer was amazed after her first correction she regained full range of motion and strength back in her arm. She was so impressed by her care and the staff at Newhouse Health Solutions she brought her family in and has referred numerous friends too!

When asked "What would you tell people about Newhouse Health Solutions?" Jennifer replied "It's fast and it works. Dr. Patrick has helped my daughter and I! I no longer have severe neck and back pain, or limited use of my right arm! I am virtually pain free now! My daughter has several learning disabilities and since her adjustment she is reading & comprehending better, doing better spatially with hand/eye coordination exercises and took her first test since her adjustments and received 104% on the test! This is huge for her!! Thank you, thank you!"

- Jennifer S.
Silvis, Il